In spite of 70 years of software development methodology and process improvement, we should adopt a new paradigm to develop increasingly complex software systems. Nows day complex software application needs. Because everything is now online. So We have to add a lot of things to the internet in our application like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Productivity improvement in software development has not kept up with the performance gain in hardware. Now new hardware technology enables a lot of things in the Software Development and Encourages New Applications, new feature, and extension which require much larger and more complex programs.
Software development aims to improve development productivity and user-friendly experience. Software development enhances the quality of the application. This work reasonably well when faithfully and diligently feature applied.
The Department of information technologies has sponsored a number of software development process improvement initiatives as a leader in the use of sophisticated computer applications and dedicated or embedded applications.
The Design for Trustworthy Software technology addresses the new experience of producing trustworthy software application is using a combination of the iterative Robust Software Development Model. Software Design Optimization also has an important role in the software development. Object-Oriented Design Technology improve the algorithm of the application.
Some other important factor of the software application
UI AND UX: the User interface is a process of front-end development who development the new and stylest feature to the software application and user experience is a phase where people see the software application on the phone and tablet and provide some feedback about the use of software application experience.
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