SEO trends are changing at a very faster rate because of the rapid use of mobile and internet is increasing day by day at a very faster rate. As the digital world is using websites and web pages to locate particular information. Publishing high-quality content is the basic need to get a good google ranking.
A featured snippet is the latest trend used for the website ranking which is selected search result. It uses a question-answer session for users. Its elements are the title and a URL. The speed of the website also matters a lot for the website to get good user experience. Website Comprehensive is also an important trend for a good ranking. 

Website auditing indicates errors and displays the exact ranking of the page on Google. It gives complete analysis and insights into the website. Voice searching is also an important trend for the website as it is a  function that allows users to search the Web using Google through spoken voice commands rather than typing.
Mobile SEO brings search engine optimization and that can be easily view able all type of mobile devices. It includes making your site resources accessible to search engine spiders. Back link Checker for linking a web page with the website. It is important in determining the popularity of your web site. By checking competitor's back-link profile to check who is linking with you.
Personalization is done by creating user experiences for the website. It provides unique experiences to users. Allows customized view for the website as well. It segments visitors on the basis of their experiences. Helps a lot to optimize the conversion rate for the website.
All the SEO trends are being used to enhance website ranking over google and make a good position in this competitive market. ITSWS provides best SEO trends to get good google ranking and a well-established image of a website in the market and grow business.