Digital marketing is the hottest topic in 2018. Because advertisements marketing is moving from traditional to digital. Everyone is using a digital platform. in online marketing, one can easily sell or provide service to his user. one can easily target his user through his online campaign. With traditional marketing, you only can target local people but with digital marketing, you can connect worldwide. Online marketing gives you the option to choose a user from a local area, city area, country area and worldwide. You can opt one of them according to our service where you want to promote your service. Every social media has basic details of a user which means that social media could help you promote your service to the right user at right time.
There are many types of marketing like Google Adwords, Affiliate marketing, email marketing, and SEO methods.

Google Adwords:
Adwords can target more user in on time. It is offered by Google Adwords. Adwords are a paid service. Any digital marketing agency can publish your product and service. you just will have to contact them. They will set a campaign for your niche product and service. with the help of PPC, you can opt for service like display marketing, video marketing, ads marketing, and display an ad marketing according to your service.
Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate marketing is a way where a Digital Marketer affiliates your product link on his blog site or another site. If his blog has a large number of visitor then some of them will buy your service and your sales will improve and digital marketers earn some money as a commission.
Email Marketing:
Emails marketing is used to promote your product and your service via email marketing. A digital agency has a lot of email user id so that they can send them your service and product in bulk. Email marketing has been working since the internet started.